Pentax Q 08 Wide Zoom Lens Q 08 Wide zoom 3.8-5.9mm Fixed-Zoom Lens for Other Cameras (OLD MODEL)

  • Flexibility of focal lengths from 17.5mm to 27mm (in the 35mm format) when mounted on a Q7, perfect for on-the-go snapshots, landscapes, architecture and street photography where zooming flexibility is desired.
  • Featuring an inner-focus mechanism, with an STM (stepper motor) drive for high-speed, low-noise auto focus operation for smooth and discreet shooting.
  • With its DSA (Dual Super Aspherical) and its ED (extra low dispersion) glass elements, enjoy reduced chromatic aberration for clear, high resolution images with edge to edge sharpness.

This ultra-light, super compact zoom lens has the shortest overall length (approximately 38 millimeters) among the Q-mount zoom lenses, and features a body weighing a mere 75 grams. This pocketable lens is perfect for a variety of applications, and even fun, creative exaggerated perspectives
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$ 496.95

Pentax Telephoto Lens