Olympus TCON-17F 1.7x Tele Conversion Lens for Olympus SP-310/350 Digital Cameras

  • Increases the magnification of your subject by 1.7x in telephoto position
  • Great for concerts or sporting events
  • Designed for the Olympus SP-310/350 Digital Camera

Olympus TCON-17F (1.7x) Telephoto Conversion Lens FeaturesExtend the capabilities of your digital camera with the TCON-17F Telephoto Converter lens. This telephoto lens will increase the magnification of your subject by 1.7x when your camera lens is set to the telephoto position. This will help you bring in the subject when you can’t get closer, for example, shooting sports or concerts. Please see below for additional items required to attach this lens to your camera.Extend the capabilities of y
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$ 59.00

Olympus Telephoto Lens