Konica Minolta AF Zoom 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 SLR Lens Maxxum SLR Cameras

  • For use with Minolta Maxxum Autofocus SLR cameras
  • Focus and exposure data flow from lens’ ROM integrated circuit to camera’s central processing unit
  • Support Minolta’s ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) flash metering
  • Wide focusing ring for comfort and better control
  • Focus hold button for easy operation

Zoom Lens for Minolta SLR cameras with Auto-Focus compatibilityThe Minolta AF 75-300mm lens is ideal for sports, portraiture, birding, and more. It features a continuous macro setting that offers accurate focus from infinity to 4.9 feet and a 4x zoom ratio. It includes a new distance-encoding device that enables improved calculation for flash exposure with Maxxum 5 and 7 cameras when used with Konica Minolta 3600HS D and 5600HS D flashes. The Minolta Maxxum Autofocus Lens System is one of the w
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