Haoge 98mm LQR-100 Lens Plate Quick Release for Canon Nikon Minolta Tokina Tamron Sigma Pentax Sony Tele Lenses Compatible with Arca Swiss

  • Arca-Swiss design: It fits all the Arca-type quick release adapters, which are made by many different companies such as Acratech / Foba / Graf / Studioball / Gitzo / Novoflex / NPC / RRS / ARCA–SWISS / KIRK / Jobu Design / Wimberley / MARKINS / SUNWAYFOTO / Kangrinpoche / BENRO / SIRUI etc.
  • Dual Safety Stops: The safety stops at the front & back of the lens plate prohibit your lens from accidentally slipping out of the quick release adapter (easily removed with supplied hex wrench if desired).

Haoge LQR-100 Universal “Arca-Swiss” type Quick Release Lens Plate

98mm x 38mm x 9.5mm

Compatible Lens:
1) Canon
100mm Macro with collar
28-300mm IS
70-200mm f/2.8
80-200mm f/2.8
180mm Macro
200mm f/1.8
200mm f/2.0
200mm f/2.8 with collar
300mm f/4.0 IS
300mm f/2.8
400mm f/5.6
400mm f/4.0 DO

2) Nikon
70-200mm f/2.8 VR
200mm f/2.0 VR
300mm f/2.8 MF
300mm f/2.8 A
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$ 17.49

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