Galaxy S7 Lens Cover, Telephoto Lens(180°) and Wide-Angle Lens(2x), Samsung Official Genuine Case

$ 136.99

  • Unique And Detachable Lenses Will Improve Your Photos Telephoto and Wide-Angle Lens.
  • Wide-Angle Lens – Angle : 108°, Magnification : 0.63X, Color Silver
  • Telephoto Lens – Angle : 45°, Magnification : 2X, Color Silver
  • Lens Body – Premium Stainless Steel
  • Pakeage(box) : Cover, Lens(2) Kit, Manual

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Lens Cover combines the convenient mobility of a smartphone with the high-level image quality of a professional camera. The two unique and detachable lenses will improve your photos and allowed wide-angle as well as enhanced zoom viewing. The telephoto lens is used for taking a photo from a distance, while the wide-angle lens is for taking a wide shot of scenery. You can simply choose the lens you need and house the other until needed. Normally, when you zoom in with a smar
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Samsung Galaxy Telephoto Lens

$ 136.99


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