55mm Multi-Coated 3 Piece Digital Filter Kit (UV-CPL-FLD) + 0.43x Professional HD Auto Focus Wide Angle Lens with Macro & Pro Series 2.2x High Definition AF Telephoto Lens + Lens Cleaning Pen + Sharpbuys Microfiber Cloth For The Sony Alpha DSLR-A390 & Minolta Maxxum Digital SLR Cameras Which Have Any Of These (18-70mm, 18-55mm, 75-300mm, 55-200mm, 35mm f/1.8, 85mm f/2.8, 50mm, 100mm) Sony Lenses (Fits All 55mm Lenses)

  • Package Includes: 55mm 3 Piece Filter Kit (UV-CPL-FLD), 0.43x HD Wide Angle Lens with Macro, 2.2x HD Telephoto Lens, Lens Cleaning Pen, SharpBuys Microfiber Cloth
  • UV Protective Filter: Prevents loss of sharpness and contrast by filtering out UV rays and Haze. Protects Lens from scratches, scuffs and smudges
  • CPL Circular Polarizer Filter: Uses Polaroids patented Polarizing techonolgy to give you total on location control of color saturation, make skies bluer, grass greener-even eliminate surface reflections from glass and water
  • FLD Fluorescent Filter: Eliminates that annoying greenish tinge which fluorescent lights add to photos.
  • Pro Series 0.43x High Definition Wide Angle Lens is great to get everyone in at you holiday dinner! Great for sports and landscape photography too. Multi-coated, high quality glass with an integrated macro lens for close-up work. A protective case and front and rear caps are included. Pro Series 2.2x High Definition Telephoto Lens is great to get those far away shots when you can’t get close up! Great for sports and portraiture photography too. Multi-coated, high quality glass. A protective case and front and rear caps are included.

Protect your camera lens from ultraviolet light while boosting your artistic possibilities with this Essential filter kit. The kit–which includes an ultraviolet filter, circular polarizer, and warming filter–is an ideal accessory for cameras with 37mm filter diameters. The ultraviolet filter prevents UV light from reaching the lens, helping increase clarity and reduce haze. As a result, your photos look crystal clear even in mountainous and coastal areas, where ultraviolet light is particularl
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